Vaccine Card iOS Shortcut

I was on a trip to Hawaii recently where restaurants require you to show a proof of covid-19 vaccination before being seated. I have a picture of my vaccine card on my phone. But it was taking me embarrassingly long to open the Photos app, find the album that has that picture, and open it. I started wondering if there was a way I could automate this process.

I created an iOS shortcut that would find a given photos album by name and open it up for you. You would then click on a picture in that album and you're done! I added that shortcut to my home screen so all I have to do now is click on the shortcut, then click on the photo, and show my vaccine card.

You can find the shortcut here if you would like to give it a try. Make sure to name your album "Vaccine card" otherwise it will not work out of the box and you'll have to customize it.

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