100K+ tiktok views with automated-faceless videos

I created an automated and faceless tiktok account that has generated 100K+ total views in the last 60 days

100K+ tiktok views with automated-faceless videos

I saw some youtube videos about "faceless" tiktok and youtube short videos a couple of months ago. The idea was interesting: utilize chatgpt to generate content that would be used in canva to bulk create videos that would be manually published to tiktok.

This sounded interesting but it was a lot of manual work to create and post every video. I wanted to see if I can create an automated tiktok faceless videos account.

I wanted my account to have daily content so horoscopes came to mind since they're daily and there will always be more content.


I made a tiktok account called Daily Horoscopes to you. I ran a script that generated 12 videos a day a posted them on tiktok.

Insights from ChatGPT

I gave ChatGPT some tiktok analytics data that I had from Nov 1st 2023 to February 3rd 2024. Here is what it had to say:

Total New Followers: The account gained a total of 609 new followers during this period.
Average Daily Reached Audience: On average, the account reached approximately 628 people daily.
Average Daily Engaged Audience: The account had an average daily engaged audience of about 31 people.
Total Video Views: The account's videos garnered a total of 113,227 views.
Total Profile Views: The profile was viewed a total of 2,624 times.
Total Likes: The content received a total of 3,043 likes.
Total Shares: Content was shared a total of 114 times.
Total Comments: There were a total of 164 comments on the content.

How does it work?


  1. Script to get horoscope info
  2. Generate video using remotion
  3. Upload video to uploadcare
  4. Zapier sends the video to buffer
  5. Buffer posts to Tiktok

Now that I had an idea of what I wanted to publish, I needed to automate it. My friend Dan told me about remotion. Remotion is a react library that lets you generate videos programatically. Remotion has a cool feature called Parameterized videos that let you pass in parameters to the video using the CLI.

Video Template

I started working on the remotion template which took a bit of manual work it ended up looking something like this:


This video has 4 main things:

  • title, static
  • Sign name, CLI input
  • today's date, CLI input
  • actual horoscope for the day for the sign, CLI input

The background music and the video were manually added to the template.

Video generation and posting

Now that we have our video, I needed to automate the process of creating 12 videos every day, one video for each sign. I wrote a nodejs script that gets the daily horoscope data for each sign and runs the video generation command line, and when all the videos are generated it uploads them to uploadcare.

I chose upload care because it an integration with zapier and their free plan seemed reasonable.

Zapier is needed because they have an integration with Buffer, a social media management tool, which has an integration with TikTok.

I created a "Zap" on Zapier that would listen to new uploads on uploadcare. When a new file is uploaded, it would send it to Buffer.

I set up Buffer with a custom schedule for 12 videos a day. Each gets posted 2 minutes apart.

Now every time I run my script, Buffer publishes the videos automatically

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